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Free Bingo: An Introduction to Bingo

BINGO – Everybody knows the rules and the basics of bingo, and even though you haven’t played this before, you’ll know the idea behind it. It’s a hugely profitable game that reduces visibility of losing popularity, giving everybody a simple way to play for amazing big prizes.

Bingo was primarily an Italian game, which has been around way back since year 1530. Succeeding, after the French has embraced the game and made numerous changes, such as calling numbers, bingo has become more popular.

It reached America way back in 1920, where it has been actually known as “Beano” and is being played with beans. The name bingo was introduced later, with the game being the famous entertainment which everyone around the world knows and enjoys today.

With all its simple steps, and its growing online presence, the game still proves to become a crowd’s favorite that has been pleasing for many centuries since its creation.

Around 500 years ago, launched the very first bingo-like lottery, somehow, there are millions of people across the globe were already discovered the thrills of bingo. Players from all over the world, drawn by daily jackpots, slow-growing progressives, and an intriguing newer wrinkle: with high-stakes bingo games that can turn an ordinary person into an immediate high roller.

Brief History of Bingo

Bingo has been played by more than 100 million people in the world; but, until the online bingo industry has become so widely known, some of the early game accounts can be traced back to Italy in the 16th century. Developing from a lottery-style game known as “Il Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” the bingo then came to the United States, where the modern name began, following the mispronunciation of “Beano”, it is a similar game to a modern bingo.

Though bingo became a well-known game in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, the origins of the game started back in 1530. This is why they dubbed the lottery as “Lo Gioco del Lotto D’Italia” which began in Italy.  The French took up the lotto at the end of the 1700s. Another version used a nine-column and three-column playing card with four-free spaces per every row.

Bingo, as it is known today, has been made popular by Edwin Lowe, a rugged but inventive toy salesman from the beautiful New York City.  He watched a game called “Beano” at the festival in Atlanta. There is a game that was called Beano since the players are using dried beans to identify their cards when the numbers come up. And when the player ended a line, they would end the game by shouting “Beano!” and the player would win a small reward.

He then saw that the participants had been enthralled by the game.  He was so fascinated by this new game he discovered that he even took it home and showed it to his companions. In one game, there’s a lady who got so enthusiastic about her victory that she shouted out “Bingo!” rather using the word “Beano”, an agreed scream.

And that’s how bingo was born.  It became a huge hit, and started spreading all over the world around the 1930s, partially because there are a lot of churches and a social club recognizing the fund-raising opportunities.

Currently, there are 48 states, around 100 Nativa American reservations, offering a legal bingo on a certain amount. Games vary from small enough just to fit into church basements to massive enough already to fill an 1,800 space.

And that’s how bingo was born.  It became a huge hit, and started spreading all over the world around the 1930s, partially because there are a lot of churches and a social club recognizing the fund-raising opportunities.

Currently, there are 48 states, around 100 Nativa American reservations, offering a legal bingo on a certain amount. Games vary from small enough just to fit into church basements to massive enough already to fill an 1,800 space.

Who Plays Bingo?

There should be no question that bingo, comparable to activities like community organizations and an uncanny desire to always be right, is almost entirely a female sport. Whereas sport betting is governed by males, bingo is the preserve of fairer genders.

Bingo players are from all different backgrounds in life. There is no stereotypic bingo player. Most of them would prefer socializing, which is the main reason why they’re going to bingo, and they will even enjoy other competitive group activities, like bowling, combining fun with peers. Many daily players are over the age of 45, statistics indicate, but every day young people experience bingo as a new way to socialize. And both men and women enjoy playing the game, whether on their own or with a partner or a buddy.

Everybody can play bingo, together with their families, friends, and more.

The Basic rules of Bingo

The basic rules of bingo are really easy, and that’s one of the reasons why it is so popular these days.  Bingo which consists of either a grid pattern or a ‘matrix’ with random numbers put in the squares. As during the game, the digits are called out and you mark them as they exactly match the numbers on your grid. This allows bingo, a game of chance rather than skill, opens the game to someone else.

Prize money is granted for the accomplishment of different goals. The completion of a line of numbers, for example, would typically result in a small cash reward. The major cash prize is awarded for the person who achieves the full house’: by marking all the numbers on the grid.

Numbers and grids can vary in various formats. The standard American format has seventy-five numbered balls and a 5×5 square grid. The United Kingdom has another version, consisting of a 9×3 grid of ninety numbered balls.

Apart from this, the rules itself are barely different, which means it’s easy to consider a different format.

As you would imagine, the chances of winning are pretty much, because it could be weeks, months, or years until anyone gets the top prizes. Then again, anyone could win it at the first game of the very first session on the first day it’s given.

This game is fun for everyone.

How Much Can You Win?

The typical bingo prize is money, either $50 or $100 for a single bingo in a small bingo hall, up to 1 million USD or more for exclusive high-stakes games on a Native American reservation or even in the casinos. But the prize may also be receiving a brand new car, vacation to somewhere, or even a novelty prize.

The size of an average jackpot prize is dependent on how much money comes in. Numerous bingo halls are expected to pay no less than 50 to 60% of the money they collect in. Additionally, the overall amount of money they will give out either per game or per session is always regulated by the state or local rules. In Georgia, for example, the halls cannot spend more than 1,100 USD on even a single night, but certain states are more liberal than that. For e.g, Louisiana makes 4,500 USD per session.

Progressive jackpots are a reward that continues rising from game to game till someone wins it. They kick off a progressive game by offering a ton of money, up to 500 USD, instead of having set the jackpot. In order to win the jackpot, the player must have an exceptional win, such as a blackout in just forty-nine balls. If nobody wins, the money that is supposed to give to the winner will thicken the offer even more.

The jackpot will be moved up by 100 USD per game over a series of weeks or even sessions.
Often the progressive jackpot grows so big that the bingo hall needs to be capped by law, and the payout remains on the same amount until someone wins. In certain states, like Michigan, there really is no limitation especially to how much cash a player will earn in a progressive jackpot.

This popularity of this game has caused bingo to grow into more profitable games.

Can be Played online?

A more innovative approach to play bingo online is to beat the traditional bingo halls in terms of success and participation. There are a number of websites where you can play bingo online from different big-name companies to particular companies. In fact, the United Kingdom has a large online bingo scene, and it has been reported that has over three million people are playing at home.

There are several factors why this is so successful, not only because the Internet means that you really can play either day or at night, including games more conveniently into your routine. Through the use of the Internet, you’re still attached to other players around the world, offering a fast and enjoyable way to meet new people and also have a good time.


With several online games, there’s more options than ever before. There’s plenty of games from big to small games to satisfy everyone online. Affordable entry fees and offers can also be used to put the Internet as the primary medium for bingo games in the near future.

Bingo is indeed a famous game being played all around the world. The prominence of the game comes from the concept of simplicity involved throughout the gameplay. Also, it draws a wide audience from around the world.

With a huge audience and so many bingo enthusiasts, the gaming platform gives a broad and extensive opportunity not just to people playing, but also with the general public. Because of this, bingo games are also associated with beneficial and charitable events as a way of fund-raising.